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Quotes from SmashingConf 2022 in Freiburg

A summary of the conference in one quote per talk, and a few random notes. To get a better overview, you can visit the community coverage in the official Google Docs: (Day 1) and (Day 2).

Nathan Curtis: Components: Big, Small, or Do 'em All?

It's not the driest thing. It's gonna smell.

Michelle Barker: Modern CSS Layout

Designing for fixed breakpoints is hopefully long gone.

Andy Bell: Be the Browser’s Mentor, not Its Micromanager

We build for everyone, not just for ourselves or our peer groups.

Asim Hussain: You’ve set a Net-zero Climate Target, Now What?!?

There is just too much carbon in the athosphere. Reduce that — that's all.

dina Amin: Making by Breaking

It confirmed the idea that I can actually do whatver I want.

Harry Roberts: Get Your Head Straight

Who used a spacer gif in the last 5 years? I actually did.

Rémi Parmentier: Shining the Light on HTML Email Dark Modes

What matters is what works now.

Ben Callahan: You have a Design System. Now What?

... tries to serve everyone perfectly, serving nobody well.

Tejas Kumar: Digging into Virtual Scrolling

Browsers have finite memory, compared to your infinite ability to scroll.

Sophie Tahran: Designing with Words

Content design is a lot more than just filling text boxes.

Manuel Matuzović: Lost in Translation

No matter the stack, most issues are caused by badly written HTML.