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Front Trends 2016 in Warsaw: Day 2

Summarizing the second day presentations of the Front Trends 2016 conference in Warsaw. Todays talks were about components, digital afterlife, tiny JS, typography, knitting and frontend tooling. A speakers list can also be found on

beautiful city of Warsaw
beautiful Warsaw

First Class Styles by Mark Dalgleish

The first talk was very technical, but on an abstract level. Todays tooling handles HTML, Images, JS, CSS seperately (seperate tasks in Grunt or Gulp), and the connecteion between them has to be maintained by the developer (by using the same names e.g.). It would be better to have everything which belongs to one component in one place (including CSS which might be written in JS and served inline). Another hot thing: server-side rendering of the HTML. (sic!)

My instant reaction: WTF? This is wrong on so many levels! But Mark presented good arguments (the strongest: it works in production on a big app) that I will take some time reading his blog posts.

Our eternal digital afterlife by Alberta Soranzo

Peoples social media profiles are still available when they pass away. Alberta Soranzo explained what tools and strategies (not yet dead) people and their relatives can do. Very moving and widespread talk.

We need to design offboarding.

Demo Reel & Tiny JavaSCript by Mathieu Henry

The creative coder and code golfer did exactly this: vanilla JS coding of a cool visualization with sound in just a few lines. First some dirty tricks, then some jawdropping live coding.

Syntax Highlight Everything by Kenneth Ormandy

Syntax highlighting is designed.

Starting with features of syntax highlighting and code fonts, Kenneth explains some typographic features (kerning, ligatures, case-sensitive fonts, small caps) and how to use them correctly in your CSS. The best part: you can just copy and use it from

Lightning Talks

Marciej Korsan: Frontend is an art (an ukulele song!!!!).

Ramon Vicor: Redux principles in plain JavaScript. A talk about the principles of Redux. There is a blog post which covers the same topic: Tic-Tac-Toe.js: redux pattern in plain javascript.

Keith: Tech Addiction in Aeroplane Mode: A coping strategy. tl;dr: Have fun with yourself and unconscious passengers!

Michael Hans, Kamil Zasada: API First. Customer says "We need something. Dont know what. Can you show something this week?" RESTful API TODO. API contracts are created before any actual code is written. This way, QA can start running tests against it while DEV is programming. Also, FE can programm a SPA against dummy/mockup endpoints.

Rachel Nabors: Creatures of the Deep, featuring great illustrations from the !

Computer Assisted Arts and Crafts by Mariko Kosaka

After hacking her knitting mashine, Mariko Kosaka started experimenting with electric circuits. On stage, she showed cool demos with metallic tape on paper, pen lead as resistor, yarn as dimmer switch, ... and blowing bulbs :-)

Taking over the web platform with Angular 2 by Todd Motto

A walk through Angular 2 architecture, (web) components, dataflow.

Panel Discussion: The State of Front-End Tooling

It is hard to cover a discussion, so I just post a few questions to think about.

...and a few thoughts from the panel:

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